Why Pay a Fortune ?  When You Can Make It Yourself       Very Cheap and Easy!        

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Make this SOLAR HEATING system

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By using readily available irrigation pipe work and fittings, you can make your own custom solar heating panels.

  • No limit to the size

  • No need to upgrade your existing pool pump

  • Can be installed in 1 day

For the average 50 000 litre pool, the cost would be approximately R 2 000,00.

Compare this with any other system on the market today.

There's no comparison.
Make the system as large or as small as you want it.

Interested? Read on.

How It Works
This system not only absorbs heat directly from the sun, but absorbs heat by conduction from your roof. In effect, the roof becomes part of the solar system. Designed by a Professional and Chartered Engineer it is easy to make and simple to install.

Obtaining The Manual
For an easy to follow instruction manual that shows you step by step, with sketches and photos, how to make your own pool solar heating system, email me at bradp@inds.cybertek.co.za. I have personally installed a few systems myself and have also included those "hard learnt" tips and tricks to make the installation as easy and trouble free as possible.

Feel free to ask me any questions. I will personally answer them. However, before you do that, visit my commonly asked questions page. Maybe the answer is already there.


Commonly Asked Questions

For The Technically Minded

For those of you that are technically minded, the following graph shows the results of measurements I have taken on various installations. This was done with a digital thermometer measuring the input and output temperatures to the solar heating panels and the flow rate of the pool pump. The 72, 60, 42 and 36mē on the graph is the mē of roof covered by the solar panels. The graph under-estimates the heat input into the pool as December is the month when the sun is strongest and I took these measurements during September. To give you an idea of the amount of heat going into the pool, for those that aren't technically minded, you're average domestic geyser (water heater) is 3 kW. As you can see, with the 60 mē system, the heat input peaks at 33 kW (11 geysers) at midday. The total heat input for the day was approximately 240 kWh or R 170,00  free heat. This equates to 7 200 kWh or over R 5 130,00 free heat per month. The average household uses approximately 700 kWh in a month or R 500,00 (US$ 166.00). However, with the looming Eskom price hikes, these figures will increase.

If you are looking at building your own pool go to www.diyza.com for details.


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