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Changing the SA data management, cloud backup, and recovery landscape

Even though the Syrex and Redstor partnership was formalised last year, the journey towards it began more than two decades ago. Part of this can be attributed to how technology has shifted towards off-premise environments and the importance of safeguarding the data residing there. “Over the past 23 years, Syrex has tried numerous technologies that […]

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Syrex delivers perimeter security of the future

The partnership between Syrex and Check Point Software Technologies has gone from strength-to-strength over the past three years with the South African ICT solutions provider using it to provide local clients with a unique approach to next-generation firewalls. “At the time, we went to the CeBIT computer expo in Germany to evaluate different vendors. The […]

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Email security essential in the digital age

A relationship that began many years ago with the migration of the Syrex secure email gateway services to Mimecast has evolved into a partnership for the future as companies need to become increasingly cyber resilient to protect themselves against malicious email attacks, says Ralph Berndt, Director of Sales at Syrex. “The advanced product features of […]

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Smart Security for the SME

Securing the end point with enterprise-ready technology was traditionally outside the budget of the SME, but that’s in the past, says Ralph Berndt, Director, Sales at Syrex. The enterprise has traditionally been the first served with a large variety of security services based on bigger budgets and plenty of functionality. It is to those with […]

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Is your business Cyber Resilient?

With data being likened to the oil of the digital age, decision-makers cannot afford to ignore evolving cyber threats especially given recent examples of ransomware attacks targeting local companies. Ralph Berndt, Director of Sales at cyber resilience experts Syrex, examines the importance of thinking differently about cyber security. “International research shows that 54 percent of […]

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Where innovation and policy intersect

Section 1 – Setting the scene SDN has become increasingly popular, but what does it actually do? The truth is, it means different things to different people. Although it’s a bit of an umbrella term, it essentially comes down to programmers configuring networks to send data down specific paths, rather than leaving it up to network protocols to show the way. […]

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The Black Mamba, Santa’s Shoebox and Teddy Bears have one thing in common, Syrex

Syrex, a leading provider of virtualised and hybrid network infrastructures and solutions, is committed to investing in worthwhile corporate social investment (CSI) initiatives that do more than just paint classrooms, they change lives. Over the past year, the company has invested into three CSI activities that have made a huge difference – the Black Mamba […]

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Get Connected – African Decisions Magazine Oct 2017

Globally, fibre has become the main solution to delivering fast and reliable internet to consumers. Africa too is in a growth phase, experiencing a significant increase in the FTTH market. Click here to download article (PDF)   ABOUT AFRICAN DECISIONS African Decisions is a comprehensive quarterly corporate and government journal designed to reflect the developing nature of […]

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