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Terms & Conditions

All terms and conditions must be read together with the Syrex Master Services Agreement and associated Schedules signed at inception of service  |  Last updated July 2017

Business hours and days

  • 08:00 to 17:00 on a Business Day: any day other than a Saturday, Sunday or official public holiday as recognised in the Republic of South Africa.



  • All quotes are valid for 24 hours unless otherwise specified.


  • All hardware and software is strictly COD and may be subject to a down payment prior to ordering and/or delivery.
  • All additional usage / over-runs on prepaid services is strictly COD.
  • Interest rate at prime +2% (R50 minimum) charged on all overdue accounts.
  • All queries must be addressed to within seven (7) days of invoice, or the invoice will be taken as correct.
  • Invoices and statements will be directed to a single email address. Distribution thereof should be undertaken via a distribution list, managed internally by the party.


  • Syrex gives no warranties in respect of products other than those which may be provided by the manufacturer or vendor, with the exception that all hardware carries a one-year, carry-in warranty.
  • The customer must only use the product in accordance with, and comply with, the terms and conditions set out by the manufacturer or vendor.
  • All risk in, and to, any product passes to the customer upon delivery.


  • Return credits will only be considered in the product in returned complete, with original packaging, within five (5) days of delivery thereof.

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