Host of remote and on-site technologies

Creating an effective ICT environment

Specific to client requirements. Security platforms, managed services and outsourcing designed and tailored to ensure maximum uptime and productivity for our clients


Managed Networks

As a carrier agnostic ISP, we can design a best fit connectivity solution based on your location and budget.


Cloud Services

We provide private and public cloud solutions tailored to your needs, ensuring the most cost-effective and technically correct application.


Security Services

We offer a fully managed service for our Enterprise Firewalls, through our strategic partnership with Check Point® we are able to tailor solutions for your requirements.


Managed Services

Syrex offers a host of managed services from the management of links, enterprise wireless networks as well as servers.

Tailor-made solutions you can trust

Our team specialises in the design of holistic solutions based on user-experience from the desktop to the cloud. This includes the sourcing and deployment of hardware and software as well as the installation and configuration of the various components, such as cabling, fibre and microwave connections and wireless networks

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inq. expands footprint into South Africa with the acquisition of Syrex

(Date – Johannesburg) – inq., a Convergence Partner’s company, is set to acquire Syrex, a provider of hyperconverged cloud technology solutions in South Africa. The strategic acquisition bolsters an already robust business offering from Syrex to provide innovative, reliable, and industry-leading solutions to the South African market. inq. a leading

Welcome to the era of hyperconvergence

Welcome to the era of hyperconvergence Ralph Berndt, Sales and Marketing Director at Syrex The traditional view of hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) sees it combining storage, computing, and networking into a single system. But in today’s connected world, this definition must extend to now include integrating everything on a software layer.

Check Point Infinity delivers all-in-one cybersecurity

Syrex, Check Point Infinity deliver all-in-one cybersecurity for today’s connected business environment The hybrid working environment has seen more companies embrace the cloud as the means to provide access to data, solutions, and services instrumental for business growth. But in doing so, organisations expose themselves to a rapidly evolving threat

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