Syrex holds partnerships with most major hardware OEMs such as Dell, Intel, HP and Lenovo. Additionally, we are able to provide you with a large array of peripherals, add-ons and up-grades such as printers, routers etc.

Server Hardware
We standardise our server hardware on Intel and Dell`s server architecture products. This enables us to provide clients with a product that is reliable and offers excellent performance as well as reducing the long-term costs of server hardware. These solutions also include on-site warranty options ranging from one year up to five years. We are also able to provide hardware from an array of additional vendors such as HP and IBM to name a few.

Networking Components
We provide a complete range of networking hardware including network integration and management. These products range from high-speed wireless links to managed switches and Cisco and Microtik routers.

Work stations, Laptops and Netbooks
Syrex is able to provide both branded and custom-built systems. All hardware purchased from us can optionally include standardised image deployment (Microsoft® OS and Office® Suite) as well as initial configuration and testing.