Our virtual servers are technically housed within Syrex’s national ISP Core and are therefore able to be presented to clients both via the public domain or in a private ecosystem. This allows for maximum flexibility when designing a new architecture for your business applications especially when moving from on-premise to private/public cloud hosting solution.

Syrex’s Enterprise Private Cloud Servers are designed and built on enterprise grade architecture using industry standard virtualisation engines as the foundation. We provide multi-tenant virtual environments located at Teraco™ data centres allowing you the ability to connect to a host of peering partners. Our virtual server solution is both scalable and offers various options for your storage processing requirements.

With Microsoft now having a locally hosted data centre, we are also able to provide all services on the Azure platform available at both South Africa North and West data centres. For those clients looking for Azure Express, we are also an Express Partner and are able to provide these services from the Teraco Cloud Exchange.