Syrex develops highly customised solution for OpenWeb to transform functionality and customer experiences

Syrex develops highly customised solution for OpenWeb to transform functionality and customer experiences

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Syrex, leading provider of virtualised and hybrid network infrastructures and solutions, recently developed a unique network solution for OpenWeb, a leading South African internet service provider (ISP).  This completely secure and managed network provides OpenWeb with absolute control over client experiences and the range of products and services it has on offer. 

“We approached Syrex to develop this solution as we knew they could provide us with something that gave us control over our client experiences from start to finish,” says Keoma Wright, CEO, OpenWeb. “We didn’t want a per account solution or a managed solution, we wanted to purchase our own network which allowed us to transform how we engaged with the market and the products and services we could offer our clients.”

Ralph Berndt, Director, Sales at Syrex, says: “The solution we have developed with OpenWeb has allowed us to develop a sustainable partnership that is set to last for the long term, showing both our commitment to developing innovative solutions going forward.”

The network developed by Syrex is set up to handle ADSL, VDSL and fibre. It is built on a Telkom core to allow for OpenWeb to expand its fibre offering which it plans to do through the course of the next year, keeping the organisation on a par with customer trends and demands. The goal is for the company to offer fibre across most of its backbone networks to ensure clients are given the best possible service and access going forward.

“It is an extremely mature offering with a wealth of products and capabilities which OpenWeb can use to service their clients and expand their market share,” says Berndt. “They have already transferred more than 3,000 users across to the new system with the goal of moving more than 10,000 by the end of 2017.”

 The Syrex network is robust and reliable, providing an improved architecture and high level of technology to OpenWeb. allowing them richer scope for solution development and enhanced customer experiences.

“Thanks to the Syrex solution we are now able to relook our products and create some unique offerings for the market,” concludes Wright. “We launched a new product which offers business clients a static public IP address, making us one of only two companies who can, and we could never have done this before we worked with Syrex.”

Originally posted on ITWeb (January 9, 2017)

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Syrex, established in 1995, specialises in the installation and support of Linux, Microsoft, virtualised and hybrid network infrastructures. Its core service offerings include a stable, customisable perimeter and connectivity management solution, as well as tailored IT support. Syrex provides a wide range of support services and products, which includes connectivity (VOIP, fibre, wireless and VPN), cloud services (Office 365, virtualisation, hosting, backup and archiving), security (firewall, VPN and security management), sales of both hardware and software, comprehensive remote managed on and off site support. Syrex holds an ECS/ECNS licence from ICASA, and is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and a specialist in providing Linux RedHat solutions and Enterprise grade Firewalls. Syrex is an accredited B-BBEE company and has customers from both the SMME and Enterprise sectors.