Syrex harnesses Redstor to deliver seamless solutions

Syrex harnesses Redstor to deliver seamless solutions

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Syrex, provider of virtualised and hybrid network infrastructures and solutions, has implemented numerous Redstor offerings in the South African market, providing clients with enterprise-level cloud backup and security implementations. For Syrex, the Redstor portfolio is ideally suited to the local market with comprehensive security and capability alongside relevant and accessible management functionalities.

“We have utilised Redstor’s software in multiple locations and found deployment to be exceptionally easy with superb management tools,” says Ralph Berndt, Director, Sales at Syrex. “Once we have completed implementation, we can hand clients access and they can do their own recovery, backups and data management. It is that easy. Where there is complexity around ensuring they backup everything, we provide them with the support they need.”

It is within this support that Syrex has found they can refine and transform client security services. The company’s enterprise backup solution was crafted with Redstor Backup Pro and is one of the fastest on the market. It uses incremental backups, advanced byte and block-level patching techniques, compression and client-side deduplication. Syrex provides full data resilience in dual locations to ensure that client data is at all-times secure and recoverable – adding another layer of protection for clients and forming part of the company’s commitment to delivering superlative security solutions.

“The spate of ransomware attacks in 2017 is only the beginning of the cyberwar,” says Berndt. “We believe that it is essential to add as many layers of security as possible as the impact of a breach or a successful ransomware attack can be incredibly damaging. No matter how you defend your environment something can, and will, get in, but if your data is encrypted and stored offsite, it can be recovered. Adding the component of offsite backups or virtual snapshots that are encrypted is critical.”

The system is extremely advanced and is designed to protect the entire organisational infrastructure, regardless of whether it is virtual or physical. Syrex has appreciated its reliability and efficiency and is set to standardise Redstor for its core.



For nearly 20 years, Redstor has been the data management and security company of choice for businesses and organisations looking for a trusted advisor to manage and secure their data.

This experience, shaped by our community creates our world-class software underpinning Redstor’s Cloud Data Management and Security Platform. Our platform addresses Backup, DR and Archiving and our journey towards security, access and insight, all managed and controlled from one place.

We have a face behind our cloud…. we pride ourselves on the fact that we are a company built, managed and optimised by people, for people and we give our customers control over their most valuable asset…their data wherever, whenever, forever.

About us

Syrex, established in 1995, specialises in the installation and support of Linux, Microsoft, virtualised and hybrid network infrastructures. Its core service offerings include a stable, customisable perimeter and connectivity management solution, as well as tailored IT support. Syrex provides a wide range of support services and products, which includes connectivity (VOIP, fibre, wireless and VPN), cloud services (Office 365, virtualisation, hosting, backup and archiving), security (firewall, VPN and security management), sales of both hardware and software, comprehensive remote managed on and off site support. Syrex holds an ECS/ECNS licence from ICASA, and is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and a specialist in providing Linux RedHat solutions and Enterprise grade Firewalls. Syrex is an accredited B-BBEE company and has customers from both the SMME and Enterprise sectors.